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HR Documentation and Contracts

Having the right paperwork is essential to running a business and this applies to HR paperwork too. Clear and concise HR policies and procedures are vital to ensuring you’re legally compliant, fair and consistent. They allow you to provide clear guidelines and communicate the standards you expect from your employees. 

Keeping appropriate HR records is important to ensure that you comply with statutory requirements and it also helps to ensure that your employees are receiving the correct pay and holiday, that levels of performance can be assessed and that business decisions are based upon fact and not assumptions or guesswork.

Our bespoke HR documentation means that you can be sure your employment contracts, policies and staff handbooks work for your business in the way you need them to. We can provide standard clauses and policies and we will also recommend additional clauses and information relevant to your individual business needs There’s no one-size-fits-all with our documentation.

Types of HR documentation we can provide include: employment contracts (including full or part-time permanent, fixed term, third party contractor agreements and apprenticeship agreements), employee handbooks, recruitment and induction policies, performance management systems, discipline and grievance procedures and family friendly policies such as maternity, paternity and shared parental leave.

To talk to us about your HR Documentation needs, get in touch.